A Parenting Guide For Raising A Healthy Newborn

Guide For Raising A Healthy Newborn

Parenting is a new experience all of us deal at some part of our life. But this new experience often comes with many anxieties, especially when you have no idea how to deal with it.

To raise your newborn healthily, it is essential to discover solutions for all the challenges you may encounter during the early days.

This guide will maintain both hectic and overwhelming feelings you may develop during parenting.

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Shower love and attention to your baby

According to the research, if parents give proper love and attention to their newborns in the first years of their life, they grow physically and mentally strong.

For this, you must spend healthy time with your baby- touch, hug, smile, talk to them, and try to understand their feelings. Also, this will make a healthy bond between you and your baby.

Talk to them often

The research also proved that if parents speak with their babies excessively, they strive to develop better language skills.

So, talk to your baby while feeding them, changing diapers, bathing, or playing with them.

Handling the newborn

As newborns are more prone to infections, you must adopt basic hygiene tips.

Let us discuss ways of safely handling your newborn and take care of their health

  • Wash your hands frequently or use mild sanitizers. Also, ensure whoever handles your baby, has clean hands and is hygeinic.
  • This is mandatory as the newborn’s immune system is weak, so they require extra care.
  • As the body of a newborn is extra delicate, make it a practice to support the head and neck of your baby while carrying them upright or laying them down.
  • Shaking the newborn’s body can cause internal bleeding in the brain and also be fatal for them. Ensure not to shake your baby in any situation.
  • Always ensure your baby is fastened securely in the car seat, prams, carrier, or stroller. Neither should it be too bouncy or too louse.
  • Always hold and play with your baby gently. Their body is not adaptable to rough play.
  • Give your newborn a sponge bath especially until their umbilical cord detaches.
  • A newborn baby requires to feed after every 2-3 hours. If you notice that they are not interested in feeding or eating after you wake them up, consult your doctor.
  • The baby swallows air while feeding, so try burping them during breastfeeding. For this, gently pat your hand on their back.

Stimulate the senses of your baby

Every time your baby comes across new people or things, they get information about the world. Even the simplest day-to-day activities can stimulate your child’s development.

For this,

  • Let your baby play with the safe toys of different shapes.
  • Roam with them in the garden or take them to the shopping mall
  • Let your baby interact with the communication with your friends or relatives
  • Teach them sharing and caring from the very beginning.

Take care of yourself as well.

Since you are supposed to deal with plenty of new experiences while parenting, sometimes it may cause fatigue and stress to you as well.

Newborn babies can turn your life completely as you need to give up on your sleeping habits and comfort zone to pamper your baby properly.

All this is normal but ensure that it should not affect your mental peace health. You must take care of your health to adapt well to this new phase of your life.

For this, adopt the following good habits that benefit your health.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Avoid caffeine as a substitute for your sleep.
  • Breath in fresh air
  • Meditate in routine to remain calm
  • Learn to manage a roller coaster of emotions, as sometimes you may feel too happy and too anxious at other times.
  • Do not believe in rumors or superstitions, especially concerning the baby’s health.
  • Cooperate with your partner, especially during night hours, so that both of you may get adequate rest.
  • Get help from trusted family members or friends to relax for a while.
  • Give your time to your friends, family members, or elder child if you have any. They must not feel deprived of your concerns.

Always take advice from the pediatrician.

Solicited or unsolicited advice from your friends, relatives, or another media source can complicate parenthood.

So, it is always the preferred choice to consult your baby’s healthcare provider in case of any concern, health issue, or response of your newborn towards any situation.

This can make your parenthood simpler and more satisfactory.


This parenting stage of your life will not last forever; make sure to make it worthy and memorable.

If you can effectively handle this new stress in your life, you can also effectively manage to enjoy the joy of parenting as well.

The right parenting can ensure the better development of your baby from infancy to adulthood.

At Sunpediatrics, we are a team of well-experienced and well-trained pediatricians who strive to provide the best possible treatment to your child with the utmost gentle care.

We feel joy in making your parenthood full of sweet memories. For this, we treat your newborn like ours.

If you are facing any issue with the health of your newborn, feel free to contact expert doctors at Sunpediatrics.

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