Back to School 2023

School Year Checklist

Back to school 2023! Yes – school is just around the corner! If you are a parent, you probably already have a running checklist for the new school year. Buy new shoes, find some healthy lunch ideas, order all the school’s requested supplies, make sure your kid has finished his summer reading… But, don’t forget to add your updated vaccines and physical forms to the list! 

Sun has your back to school 2023 checklist ready.

Get a Healthy Start

We know that the weeks leading up to school are busy for everyone. Here’s the short checklist on getting your kid’s health info ready for the new school year.

Check in with your pediatrician’s office about vaccines. 

If there is an updated requirement on state-mandated vaccinations, our office will know about it. If you have any questions about which immunizations are required for school attendance, or the safety of the required vaccines, contact us here. We will be happy to ensure that your child is up-to-date and discuss any questions you may have!

Get those new students a health screening. 

Or, are you new to the area or have a first-time student enrolling in Kindergarten? Your school district will require a Georgia Department of Public Health screening form for enrollment. This form, also called Form 3300, can seem overwhelming. But the pediatricians at Sun Pediatrics are qualified to test for all four areas listed on the form, so most children can come and complete the form in our office. If we detect any issues that need further exploration beyond our expertise, we can refer you to someone to complete the necessary components. This form only has to be filled out one time, at the first year of enrollment in a Georgia school.

Check on those extracurriculars.

Physical forms are also often required by schools for extracurricular activities such as sports, marching band, dance, etc. Double check with the coach or sponsoring school to find out if you need one for your child. If so, we can squeeze you in!

And we hope your kids have a happy and healthy new school year for 2023!

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