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More Flu Prevention Tips

Annual outbreaks of seasonal flu typically occur in Marietta and Cobb County during the fall and through the spring. Knowing how to identify flu symptoms and prevent the virus will help you protect your family from getting the flu. Here are just a few flu prevention...

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Share Holiday Fun with the Kids

School is nearly out and the holiday season is soon to begin! Here's the perfect project for sharing holiday fun with the kids. You will definitely satisfy your holiday sweet tooth and keep the kids entertained, as well. This short video highlights how simple and easy...

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Is it Cold or Flu?

Learn How to Tell the Difference Between the Cold and Flu It's that time of year when children become more susceptible to getting sick. But how can you tell if your child has a cold or the flu? Both are due to infections that contaminate the respiratory tract. And...

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More Tips for Raising Safe and Healthy Kids

Looking for more resources and tips for raising safe and healthy kids? This short list covers all the basics, with some links for more detailed information!   Get Check-ups and Vaccinations Routine check-ups, including dental and eye exams,...

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Take Precautions Against the Flu in Georgia

Some simple precautions can help you and your family avoid the flu in Georgia this year. Because The Flu Is Very Contagious Because the flu is contagious, people can pass the flu bug around before they even show symptoms of the flu. That means that you may be able to...

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Recommended Immunization Schedule for Children

August Is National Immunization Month Following a recommended immunization schedule for children in the United States has had an enormous impact on improving their health. Most parents today have never seen first-hand the devastating consequences that...

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Back to School

Schedule Your Back-to-School Check Up Back to school - it's just about here. And no matter what grade your child is about to enter, there's one yearly task you shouldn't overlook: the back-to-school check up. While it may not seem as urgent as shopping for school...

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