Pediatric Testing

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start when your child is sick, injured or has a health concern. You may be surprised by our pediatric testing capabilities at Sun Pediatrics. Because we focus on your child’s comfort, our office can be a much less intimidating option than the emergency room or a specialist … Continue

The Season of Sweets Begins

With Halloween upon us, this time of year marks the beginning of a season of sweets, filled with candy and treats. It’s a wonderful time of year but not so much for your children’s teeth. With that in mind, Sun Pediatrics offers some helpful information to keep your children’s teeth clean and healthy during the … Continue

Trick-Or-Treat Safety

Rules to Follow We love any excuse for kids to have fun, and Halloween is no exception. It is a great holiday for creativity, family-centered fun, and community interaction.  And, we do have some ideas to help your kids stay safe during all this fun. We love the information from the Healthy Children website from … Continue

Winter Sports Physicals

Winter Sports Start Soon Pumpkins, football, and new school shoes… It must be fall in full swing. That also means it is time to start thinking about winter sports physicals.  No, it is not too early. If your child plans to play basketball or compete in swimming and diving, dance or wrestling, come see us … Continue

It’s Time for Flu Shots

Flu Season is Here Flu season is here. The flu is the common name for the Influenza virus. It is most likely to cause illness during the cooler months, from October to May. Influenza causes infection in the nose, throat and lungs. It can also cause achiness, fever, nausea and just feeling terrible. For some … Continue

Choosing a Pediatrician Early in Pregnancy

The Benefits of Starting Early Expecting a baby is an exciting and transformative journey, and there’s a lot to prepare for. From decorating the nursery to picking out baby clothes, there’s no shortage of things to do. However, one crucial decision that often gets overlooked until later in pregnancy is selecting a pediatrician for your … Continue

Childhood Nutrition

Opportunities for Healthy Living We love to provide resources that encourage families to create opportunities for a healthy lifestyle at home. This includes childhood nutrition and activity.  We know that getting your child to eat healthy foods can be a daunting task – especially if you have a toddler at home! Here are some of … Continue

Back to School 2023

School Year Checklist Back to school 2023! Yes – school is just around the corner! If you are a parent, you probably already have a running checklist for the new school year. Buy new shoes, find some healthy lunch ideas, order all the school’s requested supplies, make sure your kid has finished his summer reading… … Continue

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