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How to know whether your child has Strep Throat Infection or not?

Strep Throat is a bacterial infection caused by Streptococcus bacteria. This bacteria is responsible for causing pain and inflammation in the throat. Strep throat is common in children who are between the age group 5 to 15. It rarely occurs in infants or children younger than three years old In this blog, we will discuss … Read more

Do Sealants Help In Preventing Cavities In Children?

When food leftovers or sugars are left on your child’s teeth for a long time, bacteria start feeding on them. The acid release due to bacteria causes tooth decay resulting in cavities. These cavities acting on your child’s teeth may affect the development of their teeth. Also, it may further result in negative impacts on … Read more

Are Soft Drinks Ruining Your Child’s Health?

Effects Of Soft Drinks On Your Child Most children love to have soft drinks. They are often attracted to its taste and lucrative packaging. But these soft drinks have excessive sugar in them, and as we know, excess of anything is destructive. The same is the case with soft drinks. Soft drinks or other sweetened … Read more

A Parenting Guide For Raising A Healthy Newborn

Guide For Raising A Healthy Newborn Parenting is a new experience all of us deal at some part of our life. But this new experience often comes with many anxieties, especially when you have no idea how to deal with it. To raise your newborn healthily, it is essential to discover solutions for all the … Read more

Is Your Child Suffering From Spring Fever ?

Are you suffering from spring fever? Spring is one of the most precious times of the year. Blooming flowers, chirping birds and other beautiful elements of nature intend to fill our hearts with calmness and peace. But you must be wondering what spring fever is. Spring fever- the name sounds scary but relax; it is … Read more

What Is Anxiety In Childrens And How To Treat It?

What Is Anxiety In Childrens ? Just like adults, children may also become prey to anxiety. According to the statistics, one child out of the five is commonly suffering from anxiety. All we need to pay attention to is the extent of harm it is causing to our children. If anxiety starts affecting the well-being … Read more

Nature’s Mighty Micro-Minerals

Micro-Minerals Micro-minerals are also referred to as trace minerals. They include Manganese, Copper, iodine, cobalt, fluoride, and Selenium. Generally, they are needed in small quantities but play a crucial role in children’s growth.   The benefits of micro-minerals are as follows: For the production of necessary enzymes, vitamins, and hormones For healthy blood circulation Efficient … Read more

Most Common Hand-foot and mouth disease in children

Hand-foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a mild but contagious viral infection common in infants and children younger than five.  In this blog, we will discuss causes, symptoms, ways of prevention, risk factors, and all other aspects of HFMD. Keep reading! Causes of HFMD Coxsackievirus 16 is the most common cause of hand-foot-and-mouth disease. It … Read more

Why Vitamin-C Is Important For Your Family

Vitamin C 101: Everything You Need to Know About This Essential Vitamin You’ve likely heard of vitamin C as an essential nutrient for your body, but what does that mean? What vitamin is it? an element? What effects does it have on your body? How much should you take to keep your health in check? … Read more

Common Health Problems In Children

Being a parent can be overwhelming. With so much information to keep track of, it’s easy to forget the little details that help keep your child healthy and happy every day. The common childhood diseases you’ll read about in this article are likely some of the first you’ll learn about as your child grows up … Read more

Rapid Covid Testing for Children
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Rapid PCR Results in 20 minutes. Testing by appointment only.

Pfizer Covid Vaccine is now available for all ages 12 and older including parents. Covid Vaccines open to the public including non-patients.

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