COVID-19 Testing and Kids: Everything Parents Need To Know

Novel coronavirus has an impact on the lives of everybody. Some got affected by its symptoms, while some by its fear. 

People of all ages can be infected by Covid-19. But the impact is more severe for old age people more than 65 years of age.

Though in pediatrics, the severity of the disease is not much severe in contrast to the adults, it can be fatal for children having chronic diseases.

These chronic diseases include liver, heart, breathing, and immune system disorders.

Therefore, as a parent, you need to be extra supportive regarding your children’s health during the pandemic.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all parents take their children to the doctor when they have a fever of over 103 degrees Fahrenheit, especially if they have traveled to an area where the virus is active. 

However, many parents are unsure what to do if their child has a fever and their doctor is unavailable.

In this blog, we will discuss the preventive ways to prevent the risk of this deadly virus.

Also, we will discuss what to do when you or your child gets infected by this virus to ensure a speedy recovery.

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Preventive steps to fight against Covid 19

Practice proper hygiene

In this pandemic, this is the time when you are required to be extra cautious regarding hygiene. 

You must practice the following hygiene practices without fail. It includes:

Wash hands thoroughly with a soap-based hand wash and ensures doing so with your child. It is advisable to teach your child the proper technique of washing hands. 

While washing hands, you must ask them to wash their fingers and the area underneath their fingers, as germs can leave these areas.

Also, ask them to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds if they do so in a hurry. The germs may not wipe off completely.

For your assistance, you can take reference from the safety guidelines issued by World Health Organization (WHO)

Use alcohol-based sanitizer whenever you or your child touches any virus-prone substance, especially before eating or touching your face.

Avoid social gatherings at any cost especially playing games with other children. 

In case of some emergency, cover your child well. Ask them to wear a mask and sanitize their hands often.

Built up a habit in your child to cover their nose and mouth with a tissue while sneezing or coughing.

 Also, to dispose of the tissue in the dustbin.

Clean their toys as well with a disinfectant solution.

Also, clean the floor and most touched areas with the disinfecting solution at least once daily.

Discourage anyone with a cold, cough, or any other covid related symptoms from coming in close contact with your child

Educate your kids but do not scare them about the coronavirus. Let this period be more productive for them.

Let them be involved in indoor activities, so they do not feel alone.

Also, you must get involved with your kids in indoor activities.

This will make your bond with your child more vital, which can be the greatest blessing of the pandemic period.

Please encourage them to include more learning-based activities in their daily routine. This will let them utilize this pandemic period more fruitfully.

Give your child a diet full of necessary nutrients and ensure they intake plenty of fluids.

Their diet must include citrus fruits such as lemon, grapes, oranges, etc., that are rich in Vitamin C.

Also, encourage Vitamin D enriched diets such as cheese, eggs, and zinc-containing foods such as nuts, beans, etc.

Converse openly with your children, especially if they are big enough to understand preventive measures for covid. 

Encourage them to share their feelings with you. There should not be anything that could affect their mental peace. 

Mobile, television, and newspapers are filled with information about ongoing covid scenarios.

Usually, such information as the number of people who died due to covid. This might cause fear in the minds of the kids.

Ensure that the accessible information is related to safety and knowledge and do not create any havoc in their mind. 

Stay in touch with the educational institutes of your child. They can be a helping hand for you to receive information and guidance regarding your child’s performance.

In case you got affected by covid, you should immediately go with your child for covid testing. Follow the following measures to ensure the safety of your child:

If you have mild symptoms of covid like fever, cough, cold or fatigue, or loss of sense of smell or taste, make distance from your child or isolate yourself for at least ten days after a positive test result.

As symptoms may fluctuate from time to time, you need to monitor these symptoms regularly to avoid any health complications.

Make immediate consultation with the doctor in case of severe symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, or other serious complications.

Avoid touching the belongings of your kids.

Call someone trustworthy who can look after your child.

Most importantly, take care of your mental health.

Have faith that this time will pass soon.


If you notice any of the symptoms of a novel coronavirus in your child, make sure to take consultation with healthcare providers without any delay.

Do not wait to get health care if you notice any severe symptoms, such as a child turning blue, inability to breathe properly, or finding it hard to sleep.

Straightaway, call your doctor.

Little precautions can make a big difference in the health of your child.

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