Do Sealants Help In Preventing Cavities In Children?

When food leftovers or sugars are left on your child’s teeth for a long time, bacteria start feeding on them.

The acid release due to bacteria causes tooth decay resulting in cavities.

These cavities acting on your child’s teeth may affect the development of their teeth. Also, it may further result in negative impacts on child’s eating habits, sleep, and even on their speech.

If a cavity develops on baby teeth, it can cause cavities on your child’s permanent teeth. So it is mandatory to take care of your child’s teeth and consult a dentist if you notice any early symptoms of a cavity.

In this blog, we will discuss the symptoms of cavity development and how sealants can prevent cavities in children.

Symptoms of the cavity in children

What is a sealant?

In the 1990s, the concept of sealant was introduced for the very first time. Since then, it is gaining fame due to its effectiveness.

Sealant is the plastic-like thin coating done on teeth by professional dental health care providers. It strives to avoid the need for dental filling and other costly treatments resulting from the cavity.

They protect the deep groves of the teeth and protect them from decay.

It is a quick and pain-free dental procedure to protect teeth from cavities.

How can sealants effectively prevent cavities?

Although it is advisable that brushing and flossing regularly can prevent cavities by removing food particles from the smooth surface of a child’s teeth, this coating is capable of stopping even those areas of teeth that are not accessible to clean with the toothbrush.

 It includes crevices, valleys, and groves.

Sealants develop an effective coating on teeth that effectively prevent tooth decay and cavities in children.

How does sealant work?

Firstly, the teeth are cleaned thoroughly.

The teeth are then dried, and the dentist puts cotton to keep them dry

To apply sealant, it is mixed in a liquid. This liquid is then used on the child’s enamel in a way we brush their teeth.

After some while, this liquid hardens to form a plastic-like coating over the teeth.

Sometimes, a special dental tool, curing light, is used to harden the seal.

Who should get sealant treatment done?

Children and teenagers are the most suitable candidates for this treatment because they are more prone to developing tooth decay and cavities.

Also, in some cases, baby teeth can be considered dental sealants. They can be beneficial for holding adequate spacing for their permanent teeth.

How long do sealants last?

It is observed that sealant can protect the teeth from cavity and decay for up to 10 years if dental checkup is done regularly.

A dentist can check the chipping or wearing of the sealant and replace it if required.

According to a dental report, sealants offer 80% prevention from cavities for more than two years of application on teeth.

Getting your child’s teeth coated with the sealant is advisable as early as when they get their first set of molars and the second time is advisable.

Ensure better oral health of your child with dental sealant

Sealants offer round-the-clock protection to your child’s teeth.

Forming a protective layer around the prone areas of teeth further prevents more serious dental issues such as root canals, crowning, and even tooth extraction.

Pain-free application

The best part of dental sealant application treatment is

It is quick as well as pain-free. It is as easy a process as a dentist simply brushing your child’s teeth. The whole procedure does not include any complexity. Usually, it just takes a few seconds for sealants to dry. After which, the teeth can be rinsed

Offers reliable oral health support

Even after a meticulous oral healthcare routine, you cannot prevent your child’s teeth from developing cavities. Dental sealant works as a shield against harmful foods and plaque, thus offering reliable dental care for your child.

Easy maintenance

If in case, your child’s dental sealant becomes chipped, the problem can be figured out quickly. All you are supposed to do is to book an appointment with the dentist. They will re-apply sealant to the teeth. This will again protect their teeth from dental concerns.

Insurance cover

Most health insurance providing companies cover the expense of dental sealants. You must enroll in such health insurance and check the same in your policy if you are an existing health insurance policy holder.

This can save your child’s teeth and your pocket as well.


After discovering many benefits of dental sealants for your child’s oral health, you can easily protect their teeth.

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