Keeping Kids Cool in Summer

Don’t Risk Heat Exhaustion

Now that school is out, most kids can’t wait to enjoy the freedom that summertime activity brings. And most parents are more than happy to see their kids getting some form of exercise when playing outdoors. However, keeping kids cool in summer when the temperature rises can also be a challenging task to manage.

Not to worry – follow these tips to keep your kids cool no matter how high the summer temperatures may get.

Dress your kids in light colored clothes.

We all know that darker colors absorb heat while lighter ones reflect the heat, and so the same theory applies to clothing. If you kids will be outdoors in the summer heat for any length of time, keeping your kids dressed in lighter colored clothes can keep them cool as the temperature rises.

Keep kids well hydrated and enforce breaks when needed.

If your kids love high energy activities when they are outside, make sure they stay well hydrated. Since kids have no clue as to what heat stroke is or even what the symptoms are, it is the parent’s responsibility to monitor their activity. Suggest and enforce breaks when needed, and make sure everyone gets adequate water.

Encourage indoor activities when it gets too hot.

While most adults know full well how much of an effect a hot and humid day can have on their body, most kids don’t even give the weather a second thought. If you feel that the day’s high temperatures will put your kids at too much of a risk of heat exhaustion, encourage them to stay indoors during the day when the heat is at its peak. Depending on the age of your kids, you can get them involved in some form of craft activity, games or anything else that they find of interest. Either way, keeping kids cool in summer when the temperatures get too high is a priority for parent to manage.

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