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OAE TESTING: Your Child’s Hearing is in Your Hands

Sun Pediatrics is your family’s leading provider of pediatric care. We use state-of-the-art OAE technology to measure the natural sounds that are produced in response to an external stimulus. This test helps us diagnose a wide range of ear disorders, including hearing loss.

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Understanding What is Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) Testing

The OAE or Otoacoustic Emissions test is done to check the inner ear’s response to sound. It is mostly performed on kids and infants who might not be able to react to behavioral hearing tests because of their age. It is done by placing soft foam or rubber tips in the ear of your kids. Then they are made to hear soft sounds through the soft foam or rubber tips. The quiet echoes from the ear will be recorded by a computer. This test takes only a few minutes.

Preliminary test results will reveal whether your child’s hearing levels are within the normal range so that we can take the required steps to remedy any abnormalities.

How to Understand the Results of the OAE Testing

The results are shown as either present or absent.

  • Present OAEs mean the person has normal to near normal hearing.
  • Absent OAE can be considered an indicator of a problem that could be a hearing loss, wax in the ears, fluid or infection in the middle ear, or malformed inner ear. This prompted the physician to perform more testing to figure out why the OAEs were absent as well as to detect any possible hearing loss. 
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Why Choose Sun Pediatrics

Quality and Accuracy:

We understand that quality and precise diagnostic or lab findings are important for better clinical results. With our quality-oriented processes, we make sure that our services can comply with the standards set at the local and international levels. We also follow the AAP’s guidelines with the latest research and care.

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State of the Art Machines and Technology:

We are equipped with the latest lab technology operated by an experienced pathologist to ensure accurate results. These machines used in the collection, testing and tracking have let us quickly deliver test reports. Moreover, we stay up to date with the progress in the field of lab technology so that we ensure you the latest development in diagnostics.

Highly Trained Staff:

We are backed by highly trained and professional lab technicians and pediatricians.

Quick Turnaround:

Most of our tests are done in-house so that we can ensure you the quickest results possible.

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Rapid Covid Testing for Children
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Rapid PCR Results in 20 minutes. Testing by appointment only.

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