Pediatric Testing

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start when your child is sick, injured or has a health concern. You may be surprised by our pediatric testing capabilities at Sun Pediatrics. Because we focus on your child’s comfort, our office can be a much less intimidating option than the emergency room or a specialist office. Here are some of the testing options we offer in our office:

Sun offers pediatric testing in Alpharetta, East Cobb and Marietta.

Blood and Hemoglobin

Blood and hemoglobin tests can be used to determine a lot of issues in the body. Sometimes this is part of a routine test, such as a lead test. Other times, we use these tests to try and find out why a child has an unexplained health condition, such as bruising or bleeding easily or unexplained fatigue.

Fecal Occult Stool

If your child is experiencing issues related to digestion, this test will help a doctor determine if there is hidden blood in the child’s stool. This is not a diagnostic test, but it can confirm that the doctor should test further for potential allergies, infections or other problems.

Infectious Disease

Sun Pediatrics offers both rapid antigen and PCR testing for COVID-19, Influenza, RSV and Strep. If you suspect your child may be infected with one of these diseases, we welcome you to visit our office for testing. Of course, we encourage parents to help children use proper disease prevention strategies in our office such as distancing, masking and hand-washing. 

Urinalysis Test

In order to test for urinary tract infections or other medical conditions, we are able to help kids with the difficult process of collecting and testing urine right in our offices.

In-House Lab Draws

If your child needs a blood draw for any lab work, we can do this at our office, instead of having to go to a lab or hospital.

OAE Hearing Test

This is a test for potential hearing problems in younger children.

More Questions? Visit Sun Pediatrics

Have questions or need advice about pediatric testing? Ask Dr. Hari of Sun Pediatrics. Get tips and more on your next visit or check-up.

Our staff is highly trained to interact with children, so we know how to help both the kids and the caretakers relax and get the best testing possible. Contact us to make an appointment.

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