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Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of children by providing quality health care in an environment built on knowledge, innovation, integrity, and fun! Families we serve think we’re doing a great job! We hope you will too.

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Thank you Dr Hari and Charlotte …

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My kid’s go to the best doctor…Dr Meenakshi Hari. She is well experienced and thoroughly analyzes the medical condition and very patiently explains health issues and diagnosis recommendations. We are blessed and was wise to consult Dr Hari right from my daughter’s birth. We moved to Cincinnati, but we drove to Atlanta twice to consult and get her opinion for my daughter’s meds. That’s the trust and confidence you will get meeting her. We miss her and hope to consult her again once we move back to Atlanta. Thank you Dr Hari and Charlotte as well.

Saravanan J
August 2021

Great experience …

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Great experience with the doctors and staff at Sun Pediatrics, Windy Hill location. Everything from the check-in process to the doctor’s visit, is so well organized. Dr. Hari in particular, is very approachable, makes sure she listens and answers to all questions the parents have during the visit. Also, she makes sure to respond promptly on all additional queries that are raised through the patient portal. Overall, very pleased with our experience at this facility. Thank you!

April 2021

Great office!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Great office, lovely staff. 10/10!
Great job, Sun Pediatrics!

Sydney L
July 2020

Wonderful Pediatric practice!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Dr. Hari and her staff are personable and very attentive. She was great with my children.

Lashanda W
June 2020

kids jumping - Sun Pediatrics

Very friendly

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

All of my questions have been answered so far. The wait time is very reasonable. The office is clean and the women working there are very friendly. I appreciate the diversity in the office as well!

Tyler M
Mar 2020

Above and Beyond!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We have been taking our kids to Sun Pediatrics since last 6 years. We Love how amazing, friendly and caring Dr. Hari and her staff are! They always follow up and call to remind us about our appointments. For me its all about convenience and they are always flexible to fit time around my schedule! To sum it up, Sun Pediatrics you go ABOVE AND BEYOND for your patients! Thank you so much and keep up your good work!!

Asif S
Mar 2020

I love the staff here …

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We have been taking our kids to Sun Pediatrics since last 6 years. We Love how amazing, friendly and caring Dr. I love the staff here at Sun Pediatrics, Charlotte and Kate are the best they have been taking care of our 2 toddlers since Birth and keep a Great relationship with knowing who they are. Dr. Hari is very quick with seeing the kids she almost always knows if your kids are ok, or if the problem is not that serious to stress about. I love how I can get emergency appointments when my kids get sick at school, they are seen right away. There is always a sense of urgency when taking care of these kids and I love that about Sun Pediatrics.

Robyn B
Feb 2020

logo 2 - Sun Pediatrics

merchants walk announcement - Sun Pediatrics

I highly recommend!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We have been taking our kids to Sun Pediatrics since last 6 years. We Love Dr.Hari she and her staff are very professionals and friendly with the kids. I get the Appointments right away,my kids always have the best experiences when they visit her. I highly recommend.

Jazmin G
Feb 2020

I absolutely love this place

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I absolutely love this place. Been here for almost 5 years. Customer service is excellent, doctors are always attentive. Would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

Alina Z
Feb 2020

This place is amazing!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This place is AMAZING. The wait time is always short, we get in and out quickly. The response time when asking a question after hours is super fast. All the employees are really good with my baby. They actually remember you and they don’t make you feel like your child is just a patient but an actual person which is awesome. Definitely the place to bring your children.

Jamaar C
Nov 2019

The staff is amazing!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I love the care we get at Sun Pediatrics. The environment/atmosphere is amazing, cozy, family like, great care. The staff is amazing, I call and get an appt. rite away, the nurses are very gentle when it comes to vaccinations and weighing the babies, they are professional and I would recommend them to anyone. I love that they have a patient portal and are quick to answer me. I really appreciate Dr. Hari and her staff for being patient with me and my children and inviting us in to their safe environment as I know that my children are in the best of care. 

March 2019

I would definitely recommend her!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We came from Houston and feel lucky to find her as our kids doctor. Dr Hari is a very nice, caring and great doctor! She is very friendly with kids and they don’t feel shy talking to her! She is really wonderful and I would definitely recommend her !😀

V. Nigam
November 2018

I would definitely recommend her!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We came from Houston and feel lucky to find her as our kids doctor. Dr Hari is a very nice, caring and great doctor! She is very friendly with kids and they don’t feel shy talking to her! She is really wonderful and I would definitely recommend her !😀

V. Nigam
November 2018

Thank you so much!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

What I thought was an issue with the doctors office ended up being the pharmacy’s fault. I’m really grateful that Dr Hari called me immediately to hear what my problem was – she fixed it immediately!! Thank you so much! It really made me feel better that the pediatrician that I wanted my kids to go to actually took the time to fix everything!

Alisha Cruz
September 2018

Best Pediatrics Office in Marietta GA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We have been taking our kids to Sun Pediatrics since last 6 years. We Love how amazing, friendly and caring Dr. Hari and her staff I love the care that Dr. Hari , Dr. Grulke & the staff provides for my daughter. Sun Pediatrics is the best pediatrics office in Marietta Ga. It was hard for me starting over after 11yrs with a newborn premie but with Sun’s help with our concerns & needs for our baby (now 4 months old) it helps a lot. I would be lost without Dr. Hari, Dr. Grulke & staff.

Candace Gadson
April 2018

logo 2 - Sun Pediatrics
backpack 192x300 1 - Sun Pediatrics

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My wife and I love Dr. Meena and her staff. Jessica Crosby answers our questions about the forms we have to fill out. Jessica Arnold greets us with a smile as we come in the door. And Neece Hitson keeps everybody upbeat and laughing. Everybody here is super friendly. Our daughter has William Syndrome and Dr. Meenakshi Hari is very knowledgeable when it comes to answering all of our questions.

Much thanks to all of them!

Christopher Adams
December 2017

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We have been taking our kids to Sun Pediatrics since last 6 years. We Love I have been going to Dr.Hari since 2014. I have a three year old and a newborn and she has been there for both. I love Dr.Hari she always makes us feel like family when we visit. She remembers my child name by face and my son loves her too. She is so compassionate about her work and the health of my children. She has never recommended any unnecessary treatments for my children. I have recommended both my sisters to her and they both now go to her and love her as well.

Talitha Jones
July 2017

I love Sun Pediatrics! I have been coming here since 2014 and don’t want to go anywhere else. Dr. Hari is the best. She’s is very knowledgeable and caring. Her staff is professional and polite. The office is very clean and nice environment. I’ve never waited for long wait periods even when it’s busy. Every time I have a concern or problem, Dr. Hari has been available and her staff has been of good assistance. I would recommend this practice to anyone whose looking for comfort, care, and quality service.

Stephanie Doty
March 2017

Wow where do I start. I came to Dr. Hari with a premie that had all kinds of issues. Meanwhile I was a nervous wreck and even though I trusted Dr. Hari I still questioned everything and to the point I might even have came off rude. Not once did Dr. Hari or any staff ever treat me any different. Always treated my son and I with the upmost care and respect. No matter what Dr. Hari kept assuring me to trust her and put up with everything I gave. Sun Peds have been a BLESSING for my son and I. After one long year I must say I did not leave from under her care. Attitude and all I followed her care instructions and my son is now one of the most healthiest premie’s ever. Also made me a better mom, through it all Dr. Hari still found it in herself to encourage me as a mother and I’m humbly greatful.

Natasha Hall
March 2017

Wow My son was suffering with flu and high fever, server cough congestion and running nose. My kid recovered very quickly after he had the medication. The visit went fine and everything was very well taken care of that needed to be done. Dr. Hari Meenakshi was very efficient and addresses all our queries in our visit. She called at home with concern and recommendations which really made us parents happy. Front Desk staff were also very helpful and polite. I’d prefer this doctor.

J Raju
March 2017

When our baby girl was born at Northside Hospital, we wanted a doctor close by for her. From the first phone call to today, our experience with Sun Pediatrics has been nothing but excellent. Dr. Meenashi Hari, M.D., F.A.A.P. is professional, knowledgeable and make us comfortable. Her staff surpasses our expectation. She has a unique way of approaching our little one. I am cetain if our baby girl could laugh, she would giggle the whole time because of her awesome bedside manner. I would recommend Sun Pediatrics to anyone in need of a quality pediatric practice.

Wedlin S.
Jan 2017

When our baby girl was born at Dr. Hari is so sweet and knowledgeable. Her office is clean and I never have to wait long in the waiting area. I would recommend to anyone.

Tai McClendon
Feb 2017

header about 05 - Sun Pediatrics
Practice reading with your children to help them learn to read.

We have been coming to this practice for a past two years and absolutely love it. We see Dr. Meenakshi and have found her to be caring, funny, practical and knowledgeable. She is just great with kids and parents, too.

The waiting time is minimal given what we saw with other pediatric center. I have always been able to get a same day sick appointment which is a necessity with kids! We have also seen nurse practitioner Mary and she has been so bubbly, knowledgeable and compassionate with my daughter. Overall, I highly recommend this place.

Dhanashree P.
Jan 2017

My experience visiting Dr. Meenakshi and her staff is always a pleasant and satisfying visit. Very professional, caring, and considerate of the needs of her patients. Both of my boys walk in confident with no worries or fear.

All in all her office is #1 in my book.

Brian D.
Jan 2017

Dr. Hari is so sweet and knowledgeable. Her office is clean and I never have to wait long in the waiting area. I would recommend to anyone.

Tai M.
Feb 2017

Finding a new pediatrician was difficult, since my kids had been to the same one for years. But, Dr. Hari has been a blessing! She takes the time to interact with your children, ask questions, and is very thorough in her evaluations. My children listen to her advice, and she helps them understand the importance of their health. The office staff has always been very friendly and helpful, as well. Would recommend for any family!

Amy T.
Aug 2016

A baby needs folic acid to reduce or prevent birth defects.

Dr. Hari is too good , a compassionate Doctor. She takes care of my son so well. He got adjusted to her visits very quickly. She is very kids friendly and takes time and effort to explain what is going on and treatment needed. Getting appointment is also very quick for sick visits. They truly understand the parents perspective when needing a sick visit. Thank you Dr.Hari.

Srinidhi A.
Sept 2016

Dr. Hari is one of the best of Pediatricians in the Atlanta Metro Area. She gets a 10 out of 10 in my book!

I am a proud mother of 4 very active, beautiful, healthy children. Right from the start, Dr. Hari had a wonderful bedside manner that seemed to relax my 9 week old son, 2 year-old daughter, 5 year-old daughter, and 9 year-old son. Now, going to the doctor for the kids wasn’t a fearful anxiety filled event.

However, what I found most refreshing about Dr. Hari is that she engaged me as a parent and discussed treatment plans that address my thoughts, concerns, and feelings. No previous doctor had ever done that before. At that point, I knew she was the best choice for my family.

Ashley W.
Feb 2016

Dr Hari is so special for us. The office is very clean and I love the way that they treat my kids. I have two kids and we take both to Dr Hari. She is very responsible and she ask many questions to make sure we are comfortable and our kids are getting what they need. My daughter is special need kid and Dr Hari provide all supports and resource that she knows. She has all resources information in Georgia. I would really command who ever do not want to wait for hours to get appointment. We have no issue so far to take appointment and it will take max 20 min to go in and come out from the clinic.

Special thanks to the nurses and staff, they follow all process and office is very clean.

Praveen E.
Feb 2016

She is very thorough and loving with my son, she answers any and all questions and offers helpful information on future needs or standards. I could not ask for a better Doctor for my child.

Kuldeep H.

I am new to Atlanta and I had I visited Dr. Meena Hari’s new clinic (at Windy Hill Rd) for Vaccination and health check-up. The experience at her clinic was great. She did a thorough check-up of the kids which showed the care she takes for the patient. She gave complete explanation of all the procedures she did to us and the level of detail of all the facts was excellent. Especially the inputs she gave with respect to my daughter was very useful to us. Also, she was very conversant with the kids.

Chandramouli B.

I have a special needs newborn that requires top of the line healthcare, and Dr. Hari provides just that. She is very knowledgeable with pediatrics and I trust her and her staff with my son completely. Unlike many of the doctors I have come into contact with, Dr. Hari actually listens to me and my concerns, and she spends time with us. She truly treats my son as if he was her own. I was a little hesitant because of the distance from our house, but it is definitely worth the drive! I have had to call her several times with questions and she always quickly calls back. She is also always available for same day appointments.

Melissa C.

We have a newborn, and I am ‘one of those’ moms who feels under-prepared and a little confused. Dr. Hari is amazing, she is kind, knowledgeable, compassionate, and most important of all – AVAILABLE. When we have concerns about our child, she is available by telephone immediately or within a few hours. We have made a same day appointment and was seen within an hour of calling. Other Pediatricians are definitely not as available and some act annoyed with ‘silly questions’ from new moms, but I always feel encouraged and wiser. We feel our little one will continue to be in good health going to Sun Pediatrics.

Holly B.

Based on Parent Reviews Sun Pediatrics is Marietta’s Preferred Pediatrician

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