Seasonal Allergies in Georgia

In Metro Atlanta, we are on the verge of spring! While the warming air, blooming flowers and longer days are great news for most of us, they can be tough on a kid with seasonal allergies in Georgia. Thankfully, our office specializes in treating childhood allergies. Here are some things to know:

Seasonal allergies in Georgia start in the spring.

What are Allergies

Wikipedia states the following:

Allergies, also known as allergic diseases, are various conditions caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system to typically harmless substances in the environment.[11] ]


Allergy Triggers

Harmless substances that trigger an allergic response in the body are called allergens. These can range from food to pets to pollen to latex. People can respond differently to different allergens. If you have a child with allergies, you know that you have to think like a detective, eliminating all possible suspects, before you can discover what is causing your child’s discomfort, pain or even life-threatening symptoms. This is something our office can help you discover, so you can best help your child.


Children may display various symptoms with an allergic reaction. Often, these can look like a common cold – runny nose, cough, throat clearing, red eyes. But, one hint that it may be an allergy and not a cold is itchiness. If your child complains that their eyes, nose, or throat are itching, it is most likely an allergy and not an illness. Other symptoms can include skin reactions. Eczema is strongly linked to allergies as well.

Springtime Allergies

There are two usual suspects for kids who have children who have allergic reactions in the spring. Pollen and mold are big triggers this time of year. While it may not be feasible to avoid these allergens completely, you can help your child if you suspect they have a seasonal allergy. First, be sure to wash clothing and linen more frequently. An allergen pillow cover and mattress covers are highly effective, they are easily found in stores. The covers protect the inside contents and stuffing from becoming airborne. Also, have your child rinse off after playing outside and bathe before bed.

Note, pets can be a huge trigger, especially cats. Observe if your child suddenly has a runny nose after being in a home with animals or their throat feels tight. Some parents carry allergy medicine (Benedryl or epi-pens) if they know they could be in an allergy triggering environment.

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