Burn Treatment

Serious burn? Deep burn? Blisters? Not sure about the severity of the burn in your child? Don’t wait and visit a doctor now for immediate burn treatment.

Burns in Children: What to Know

For young children, it is common to experience injuries caused by burns and scalds. However, toddlers are most vulnerable to such risks due to their mobility and curiosity.

Burns are categorized into scalds caused by foods, steam, and hot liquids; flame, friction, chemical, electrical, and contact. Young children often get scalds resulting from hot liquid, steam, and food. All burns can be severe especially if they happen to the neck, face, chest, and shoulders. Even small burns can be painful and lead to the long-term effect. Serious burns are treated with surgeries and physiotherapy.

Offering Emergency Burn Care and Treatment

We are dedicated to helping children and their families with the many challenges of a burn injury. Sun Pediatrics understands that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan, which is why they tailor a personalized plan to your child’s needs, including:

  • Identifying the severity of burns
  • Implementing appropriate treatments
  • Working with you and your doctor to create a plan that works best for you and your child

The First Aid for Burns

  • Hold the burn under the cool running water for 20 minutes.
  • Don’t break the blisters
  • For minor burns, there is no need to see a doctor

When To Get Medical Help Immediately for Burns

  • Deep burn (no matter if the kid is feeling pain or not)
  • Larger than 3 cm or blisters
  • Burn is to the airway or throat
  • Not sure about the injury

Make sure to cover the burn with non-stick, loose dressing until your kid is seen by a doctor but don’t keep the dressing for more than one hour.

Why Choose Sun Pediatrics

Quality and Accuracy

We understand that quality and precise diagnostic or lab findings are important for better clinical results. With our quality-oriented processes, we make sure that our services can comply with the standards set at the local and international levels. We also follow the AAP’s guidelines with the latest research and care.

State of the Art Machines and Technology

We are equipped with the latest lab technology operated by an experienced pathologist to ensure accurate results. These machines used in the collection, testing and tracking have let us quickly deliver test reports. Moreover, we stay up to date with the progress in the field of lab technology so that we ensure you the latest development in diagnostics.

Highly Trained Staff

We are backed by highly trained and professional lab technicians and pediatricians.

Quick Turnaround

Most of our tests are done in-house so that we can ensure you the quickest results possible.

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