Muscle & Joint Sprain

If your home remedies are not working to treat your kid’s sprain, contact us now so that we can help your kid recover.

What is Muscle and Joint Sprain?

A sprain is caused by the tearing or stretching of ligaments–the fibrous band of tissues to connect the two bones together in the joints. It should not be confused with strain that refers to the muscle injury or tissue band attaching a muscle to a bone (while sprains injures the connecting tissue between two bones.) Sprain is most commonly happened in the ankle. It can be healed by taking rest, elevation and compression. While mild sprains can be treated at home, severe sprains are sometimes addressed with surgery.

Where Do Sprains Occur?

While sprain can affect any joint in the body, the most vulnerable parts are within the lower and upper body parts such as ankle, knee and wrist.

What Causes a Sprain

When an injury, either direct or indirect, moves the joint out of the position and overstretches, it can lead to a sprain. Some examples of injuries that lead to a sprain are rolling the ankle, falling or slipping on a wet surface or uneven ground, or getting a direct hit or shift in balance and falls what usually happens in contact sports like football.

Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Sprains

Some of the common signs and symptoms of sprains are pain, bruising, swelling, instability and not being able to move and use the joint.

How Sprains are Treated

Sprains are treated at home with rest, ice and pain relievers. However, severe sprains require medical attention. Physical therapy is also recommended as this kind of injury takes time to heal and may impact the dynamics of the joint. A physical therapist will help you gain strength and mobility in the joint.

How Long Does it Take to Overcome Strain?

Your recovery from a sprain is determined by the severity of your injury. Mild sprains might be healed in a few short weeks while more complicated sprains can take up nearly 12 weeks to heal.

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