Same Day Sick Visits

It is quite stressful and overwhelming to have a sick kid at home. Don’t worry! At Sun Pediatrics, we provide same-day sick visits to diagnose and treat your little ones so that they can overcome the illness as possible.

Offering Same-Day Appointments to Our Young Patients

No one like to feel sick, but for kids, especially 3-4 years, cough or fever can be especially challenging as they are less likely to express their problem. Don’t worry. Our pediatricians at Sun Pediatrics have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and treat your kids, that’s too in a child-friendly way. Apart from delivering high-quality care, we provide same-day appointments to ensure relief to your little ones when they have a common illness.

What to Understand About a Sick Child Visit

Keep in mind that the sick child visit should not be confused with those regular child visits, which are generally routine checks for the child’s growth, immunizations, and potential health issues. While a sick child visit is not a medical emergency, it is important to help the sick child feel better and speed up their recovery.

However, medical emergencies like troubled breathing, seizures, or injuries should be addressed immediately, generally through urgent care or the medical emergency room according to the severity.

Let Us Take Care of Your Kid

At Sun Pediatric, we are concerned about the health of your kid. We not only treat your kids but also ease your fear and worries when your kid is sick. Give us a call or book an appointment through our website.

Helping Your Child Recover and Feel Better!

Note: If your kid has a medical emergency, please dial 911 or take your kid to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Why Choose Sun Pediatrics

Quality and Accuracy

We understand that quality and precise diagnostic or lab findings are important for better clinical results. With our quality-oriented processes, we make sure that our services can comply with the standards set at the local and international levels. We also follow the AAP’s guidelines with the latest research and care.

State of the Art Machines and Technology

We are equipped with the latest lab technology operated by an experienced pathologist to ensure accurate results. These machines used in the collection, testing and tracking have let us quickly deliver test reports. Moreover, we stay up to date with the progress in the field of lab technology so that we ensure you the latest development in diagnostics.

Highly Trained Staff

We are backed by highly trained and professional lab technicians and pediatricians.

Quick Turnaround

Most of our tests are done in-house so that we can ensure you the quickest results possible.

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