Covid Testing for Kids

If you feel that your kids might have COVID-19, let us help you with a COVID test as well as a plan for their care if they are found positive. We use highly accurate rapid antigens testing. The COVID 19 testing for kids is available by appointment at our all clinics.

Make Sure To Come Prepared with the Following Things for Your Appointment

  • Masks
  • The ID of You and Your Child
  • Doctor’s Referral
  • Stuffed toys for younger kids
  • Tissues for runny nose or sneezing after the nose swab.

How Do We Collect Samples

A swab is inserted into the nostril of the patient of the posterior nasopharynx. Then the swab is rotated 3-4 times to collect the swab. Don’t worry. The test would be simpler than those conducted for adults.

Do You Need to Pay for Your Kid’s COVID Test With Us?

COVID 19 tests are covered by most insurers. While the COVID 19 tests can cost you, we can consider the insurance plan. If you want to opt for self-pay, please meet our team.

When To Expect the Results?

We try our best to provide you with the test results within 24 hours of your appointment. However, it may take a bit longer due to busy times, increased demand for testing, and emergencies.

What to Do If Your Child Feels Nervous About Getting a Test?

  • Ask them to take long, deep breaths.
  • Hold their hand while they undergo the test.
  • Give them their favorite toy or stuffed animal during the test.

Why Choose Sun Pediatrics

Quality and Accuracy

We understand that quality and precise diagnostic or lab findings are important for better clinical results. With our quality-oriented processes, we make sure that our services can comply with the standards set at the local and international levels. We also follow the AAP’s guidelines with the latest research and care.

State of the Art Machines and Technology

We are equipped with the latest lab technology operated by an experienced pathologist to ensure accurate results. These machines used in the collection, testing and tracking have let us quickly deliver test reports. Moreover, we stay up to date with the progress in the field of lab technology so that we ensure you the latest development in diagnostics.

Highly Trained Staff

We are backed by highly trained and professional lab technicians and pediatricians.

Quick Turnaround

Most of our tests are done in-house so that we can ensure you the quickest results possible.

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