Staying Warm in Cold Weather

The winter weather is upon us! And although Metro Atlanta doesn’t get a super-cold winter compared to most of the country, it is still important to know about staying warm in cold weather. Maybe especially because it is so rare for our area. Here are a few of our top tips:

Staying warm in cold weather.

Layers, Layers, Layers

The rule of thumb for keeping your child warm in the winter is that they should have at least one more layer than an adult needs. That is because children are smaller and lose heat more quickly than adults. We recommend a moisture wicking layer at the bottom and then a few additional layers. Plus, of course, warm gloves, socks and weather appropriate boots.

Pack a Dry Bag

If you plan to venture out in cold weather, pack some extra dry clothes, socks and mittens for kids to change into if the original layers get wet. 

Take a Hot Cocoa Break!

Encourage your kids to take frequent breaks from the cold to warm up. We love the idea of having some warm blankets and hot cocoa ready, just as a little incentive to take a break and “thaw out.”

Know the Dangers

Frostbite and hypothermia are the biggest dangers for kids playing outside in cold weather. Dressing them appropriately is prevention, but also know the warning signs for each:

Frostbite can look like white or pale gray skin or blisters. Warm the areas gently with warm water or a warm towel. Do not pop blisters.

With hypothermia, a child shivers uncontrollably and then becomes sluggish or clumsy. We recommend calling 911 if you think your child has hypothermia. Also, remove any wet clothing and then snuggle up with them in warm blankets. 

Crib Safety

Even in the cooler months, babies less than 12 months-old should not have warm blankets in the bed. Instead of blankets, opt for warm clothing, a wearable blanket or a sleep sack.

Questions about Staying Warm in Cold Weather?

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