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Our mission at our Smyrna pediatrics location is to ensure that children are both happy and healthy.

It is said that a natural pediatrician is practiced when a pediatrician who specializes in treating patients using a whole person approach to care for their patients. In some circles integrative pediatrician is used along with natural pediatrician. This approach focuses on treating the child as a whole instead of just addressing the illness or condition for which the child is being treated.

Natural pediatrician can add in a wide variety of additional alternative treatments into their practices. Acupuncture, counseling on diet and lifestyle, homeopathy, and herbal medicine are some alternative treatments. They may also take a more personal approach to treatment, taking into account the child’s overall health and well-being and the social and emotional factors.

A natural pediatrician may also emphasize preventative care, which may include encouraging parents to take a more active role in managing their child’s health and promoting healthy eating and exercise habits. They may also be more likely to consider non-pharmacological approaches to support the child’s well-being, such as behavioral and emotional support.

A natural pediatrician may use alternative treatments in their practices; however, it is good to remember that they continue to adhere to the standards of the medical profession as well as the laws and regulations. 

When it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and diseases, natural pediatricians may take a more holistic approach. However, they still stick to evidence-based guidelines and the industry’s best practices. Any treatment options presented to a patient must have a high level of safety, efficacy, and appropriateness for the patient; otherwise, the patient will be referred to a specialist by the natural pediatrician if necessary. 

In a nutshell, a natural pediatrician is a medical professional who takes a holistic approach to the care of their patients, specifically children. They incorporate alternative and common treatments into their practice and they might push preventative care and overall wellness more than simply treating particular illnesses. They continue to perform their duties in a manner that is in accordance with the generally acknowledged standards of medical practice and conjunction with various other medical professionals

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