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Pediatric Care Specialists Woodstock

The happiness and well-being of children is a top priority for our Woodstock Pediatrics, GA location. 

Why choose Pediatric Care Specialists? 

Because many children have a healthy amount of mistrust toward any adults other than their parents, it is super important that they have an environment in which they can relax and feel safe. Pediatric care specialists receive specific training in how to do this and spend a large amount of time and effort learning the significance importance of interacting with children.  They are also aware of how to make a child feel as though they are being cared for, even if the child is required to go through an experience that they may be afraid of like  getting their shots. They will frequently spend additional time with your child in order to assure you and your child and make you feel comfortable in your interactions with them.

A pediatric care specialist’s office will also have a kid-friendly atmosphere, which will allow your child to feel relieved and not be under any fear of visiting a doctor’s office. This will allow your child to receive the best possible care. A child’s mind can be easily diverted away from the purpose of the visit by the presence of common toys and books, and in some cases even a fish tank or movie playing in the background. This can help the child feel completely at ease and prepare them for the visit.

We want to provide the attentive care that your child, as you know, rightfully deserves. Please give our office a call as soon as possible to schedule your child’s well-child checkup.

Our Commitment to you:

  • To provide the most effective medical care for children while minimizing the use of unnecessary examinations and medications at our Woodstock Pediatrics, GA location.
  • To ensure that every infant, child, and adolescent reach their full potential in terms of mental, physical, and social health and well-being at Woodstock Pediatrics. 
  • To give you a unique and personalized experience. Your child will be treated with the same care and consideration that we give to our very own. We want to work with parents and provide assistance so that you can bring up a child who is happy and healthy in Woodstock Pediatrics.
  • We take the time to learn about the child’s health, illness, and any specific pediatric needs they may have because we believe in honest and open communication.
  • We want to positively impact children’s lives by giving them access to high-quality medical care in an atmosphere that values learning, innovation, honesty, and having a good time.

After Hours Woodstock Pediatrics, GA

There is always a physician on call for our practice if you or the nurse need further advice. Please utilize your insurance company’s on-call pediatric nurses. Many insurance companies have a staff of trained pediatric nurses to answer your calls after hours. The number is on the back of your card..

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