Sun Protection

No Pun Intended!

We love living in the sunny state of Georgia. But even as the summer months wane, sun protection is an important factor for playing outside year-round. Here are some of our best tips for keeping your kids sun-safe.

Sun protection from Sun Pediatrics.

Best Tips to be Sun-Safe


Clothing is the most reliable sun protection because it doesn’t rub off or wear out in a few hours. Tight weave clothing is best. When possible, we recommend breathable clothing (like lightweight cotton) that covers as much of your child’s body as possible. 

Hats and Sunglasses

Find a hat with a brim that shields the face, ears and back of the neck. But, even if they have a hat, we still recommend sunscreen on these areas. And if they’ll wear them, get your kids a good pair of sunglasses to shield their eyes too.

Off-Peak Playtime

Try to encourage your kids to play outside during off-peak UV exposure hours. Peak hours are usually from 10am to 4pm. That does not mean to keep your kids indoors during those hours. It is just better to play in the off hours. And, then use sun protection during peak hours. Also, find some great shady spots to play during peak hours.


Applying sunscreen is so important. Even on cloudy days. Find a brand that says “broad spectrum” protection. And the best sunscreen options for kids use mineral ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. And, use an SPF of at least 15, up to SPF50. There is still research being conducted on whether higher levels of SPF offer any extra protection.

Sun Burn Relief

And if your child gets sunburned? Here are some tips for relief:

  • Ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be used to help with pain
  • Cold damp cloths
  • Hydrocortisone .5% 
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Drink extra fluids

If pain is not abating or getting worse after a day or two, contact our office to ensure the child is not experiencing an infection.

Questions about sun protection? Or need to make an appointment for your child? Contact our office here. 

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