The Importance of Annual Physicals for Children and Teens in Marietta

As children and teenagers are going through development stage of their life, it is essential for parents to look after their health.

Some preventive measure can ensure their good health in long run.

As this time period emphasis on physical development of your child or teen, they need to get involved into annual physicals.

Whether they are perfectly well or having certain health concerns, it will be better for them to indulge into annual physicals.

In this blog, we will put light on the significance of annual physicals for your children or teens in Marietta.

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Annual Physicals: What is it?

Annual Physicals or Yearly Physicals is a diagnostic way of accessing health status.

For children, it is basically health monitoring procedure to look after their physical and mental growth and development.

Also it intend to monitor signs and symptoms of any prevailing risk factor in your child’s body and to prevent it before it can turn into major health risk.

For teenagers, annual physicals are essential to help them in coping up with their body changes.

Furthermore, it can also check for any prevailing health issue in their body.

Health Benefits Offered By Annual Physicals

Annual physicals act as an initial line of defense in treating and diagnosing childhood illness such as allergies, asthma, etc.

Annual physicals offers comprehensive way to monitor the development of your child or teen.

For this, it examines the critical growth stages of your child including their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Physicals are important for children and teens in Marietta because they help protect them from potential health problems and can check for many health risks.

Annual physicals also provide a chance to get vaccinated against some common colds and other dangers.

If your child is suffering from any preexisting chronic disease regular screening can ensure consistency in their health conditions.

This will also let your child develop healthy habits from the very beginning phase of their life.

Also, it will cause awareness among children or teens regarding their healthy

Best time to enroll in annual physical sessions is the beginning of new school year as it intend to increase participation of children in academic as well as in extra-curriculum activities.

But with the help of regular annual physicals, you can give your child long lasting health. Therefore, it is best practice to get these health visits done on the regular basis.

For teenagers

As they are feeling so many changes in their body. So it is natural for them to feel anxious.

Therefore, yearly physicals are essential to ensure that their body is developing well in every aspect.

As adolescence is crucial stage of life, it seeks extra attention of both parents as well as health care providers.

For them, annual physicals includes mental, emotional and behavior changes examination.

Advantage of annual physicals for teens

In case, your child encounters any unexpected injury or illness in future, the medical report of annual physical will provide the benefit of accessing their medical history.

Further, this will ensure better diagnosis and treatment of your child or teen.

Preventive measures are far better than suffering from restrictions due to ongoing health concern.

By doing so, you can encourage your child to manage their lifestyle in a healthier way including their habit formations and choice of diet.

What does annual physicals include?

Annual Physicals are meant to provide personalized health care to every child and teen.

For this, a typical; annual physical comprises of following services and screening. This includes:

  • Physical examination
  • Hearing test
  • Vision test
  • Vaccination updates
  • BMI Monitoring
  • Medical history analysis
  • Reflex check
  • Diagnostic screening including blood or urine sample analysis if required
  • Communicable disease screening
  • Monitoring of development stages
  • Check over change in behavior
  • Medicine prescription

We believe that every child is different as same is with health conditions and development stages.

For instance, many children gain height in initial stages of their adolescence while others acquire height at the end.

Annual physicals offers excellent opportunity to address any of the physical, mental or emotional health concerns of your child or teen.


In conclusion, annual physicals are important for children and teens because they may catch certain medical conditions that could lead to serious health problems.

If a child or teen has a medical condition, it is important to get their annual physical checked out so that they can be treated properly.

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