Trick-Or-Treat Safety

Rules to Follow

We love any excuse for kids to have fun, and Halloween is no exception. It is a great holiday for creativity, family-centered fun, and community interaction. 

And, we do have some ideas to help your kids stay safe during all this fun. We love the information from the Healthy Children website from the American Academy of Pediatrics. They offer some great tips, and we wanted to highlight a few of them.

Stay Smart on the Street

Injuries to pedestrians happen much more often on Halloween night than the rest of the year. For that reason, it is best to stay close to your youngest children. (We know you do that anyway.) Also, we love trunk-or-treat events because they are usually blocked off from traffic. And, if your neighborhood welcomes earlier trick-or-treaters, that can be ideal. Lastly, bring a flashlight to create more visibility to vehicles at night. 

Dress Your Spooks for Success

Safety might be the last thing on your mind if you are trying to help your kids put together show-stopping costumes. But there are a few easy things you can do to help your kids avoid a frightful injury. Plan for brightly colored costumes or add reflective tape. If your child chooses a mask, make sure they can see well or ask them to take it off as they move between houses. And, make sure kids wear flame-resistant clothing and watch out for candles that may be used in decorating at some homes. 

Candy, Candy, Candy

There is nothing wrong with a few pieces of candy now and then! But before you enjoy, we love the idea of looking through all the candy first. Make it fun by seeing how your kids sort their candy, while you get a chance to make sure their stash is age-appropriate for choking, unopened and not tampered with, and allergy-friendly, if necessary. And if you are giving out treats at your home, consider adding in some non-edible prizes like stickers or small toys or provide an allergy-friendly option.

More Safety Tips for Halloween

Like what you read? Find out more! You can find the full article here. We hope you stay safe and enjoy Halloween! 

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