Viruses on the Rise

It’s winter, and that means that respiratory illnesses and viruses are on the rise. We are seeing an increase in patients with Influenza, COVID and other viruses such as the common cold. Here are some of our tips to keep your kids healthy this winter:

Viruses on the rise

Get the Flu Vaccine

The most effective way to prevent viral infection is to gain immunity through a vaccine. We offer the shots in our office, and you can come anytime during open hours.

Teach Your Children about Illness Hygiene

It takes time to teach children how to prevent the spread of illness. Remind them to wash their hands. Talk to them about giving people a space when they are sick. Keep them home if they do get sick. And demonstrate how to cough or sneeze into a tissue or the crook of their elbow to prevent germs from spreading. 

What Should You Do If Your Child Gets Sick?

If you wish to get your child tested and treated by an antiviral medication, our office does offer same-day sick visits. We also offer a Saturday clinic. In many cases, a child can be treated for a virus from home. Just make sure they are getting plenty of rest and fluids. And, if the child is uncomfortable because of a fever, you can treat it with acetaminophen or ibuprofen according to age and weight. 

Know When to Spot an Emergency

There are lots of potential warning signs that your child may need immediate medical care. Some of these include rapid or labored breathing, pale or bluish lips and nail beds, signs of dehydration, difficulty speaking or interacting, and a high fever over 104℉.

Questions? Call Sun Pediatrics

For questions about viruses on the rise, call our office anytime at 678-501-5601.

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