What Is A Pediatrician And The Best Pediatrician In Marietta?

Know What Is A Pediatrician ?

A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in treating the health concerns of children. They offer gentle and expert care in diagnosing various medical conditions affecting children.

Pediatricians are responsible for the healthcare of children from birth to 18 years of age.

If you want a more specialized opinion regarding your child’s growth and health issues, you must consult a pediatrician.

This blog will look over types of pediatricians and ways to find the best pediatrician in Marietta.

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Types of Pediatricians

There are various types of pediatricians depending on their specialization, such as

  • Pediatric endocrinologists

Expert in treating problems with growth, puberty, diabetes or other hormonal issues

  • Neonatologist

Expert in providing care for critically ill or premature babies.

  • Intensive care medicine

Pediatricians who specialize in taking care of critical health conditions of children

  • Pediatric emergency medicine

Offers emergency healthcare services to infants, children and adolescents who need immediate medical treatment

  • Pediatric Neurologist

Responsible for the treatment of the child’s nervous system. Also, they are referred to as Brain/Nerve doctors.

  • Pediatric Pulmonologist

Treats those children who have breathing issues or problems related to lung

  • Pediatric radiologist

Pediatricians who choose the best techniques for imaging to diagnose medical concerns in children

  • Pediatric ophthalmologist

These pediatricians specialize in treating children’s eye disorders, visual development and vision care.

  • Pediatric Hematology or Oncologist

Also known as Oncologist. They are responsible to treats blood-related disorders or cancer in children

  • Adolescent medicine

They specialize in treating and curing adolescent teens’ medicinal and emotional issues.

Ways to find the best Pediatrician in Marietta for your child

It is recommended to plan to seek a Pediatrician months before your due date because it is a very crucial decision which is directly related to the health of your young one. 

Consider the following essential aspects when choosing the right healthcare provider for your child.

  • Do thorough research before making the selection.

One of the best ways to begin your research is to take advice from your friends, relatives, and family members. They can make your search simpler by sharing their past or current experiences. 

Furthermore, you can cut short your list short by considering factors like their location, availability during regular days and weekends, and after-hours care.

Also, you can search the internet for best pediatrician in Marietta or best Pediatrician near me to find the most relevant search results. 

You may also check their reviews. Reviews containing experience and feedback of current and past consulting patients play a significant role in decision-making with true inceptions.

For better assistance, you may even drop queries to them or directly discuss the concerns with the respective pediatricians.

  • Verify medical credentials and experience

It is essential that the concerned Pediatrician is well qualified and holds a valid educational degree as per the Medical Board of Marietta.

Also, they must possess years of experience in their domain with several satisfied patients.

These aspects are essential as you will hand over your child’s health to them. Therefore, make sure they hold better credibility and experience. 

  • Availability of Pediatrician

Caring for a child’s health is critical, especially when you are new to the world of parenting.

Therefore, looking for a pediatrician readily available to confront your concerns is advisable.

For this, you may prefer a clinic with an online consultation portal where you can instantly schedule an appointment for your child.

Also, make sure to check whether they are available for after-hours care or not.

In the case of infants and children, it is a highly essential aspect.

  • Observe how the doctor interacts with your baby

During the initial visits to the doctor, pay close attention to how they treat your newborn. 

Your little one must get comfortable with the treatment offered by your Pediatrician. 

This will ensure that the health of your infant is in safer hands. 


I hope this article has provided the proper guidance for choosing the most suitable Pediatrician for your child.

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