What to Expect During Sports Physicals Marietta?

The reason for a physical is to determine if you’re fit enough to participate in the sport you’re interested in.

The exam, also known as a pre-participation physical, consists of a series of tests and questions that the doctor will use to determine your level of physical fitness.

They’ll look for injuries or illnesses and may recommend preventative measures if you’re already at risk.

Many people schedule sport physicals for children in the final days before school starts.

What has been included in Sports Physicals Medical History

Medical history questionnaires are typically on a form you can take home, and have your parents help complete the form.

Talk to parents to share their family medical background. The medical history questionnaire includes questions on medical issues found in families.

There are medical issues and illnesses that you suffer from, like asthma, COVID-19, diabetes, or asthma prior to surgery or hospitalization

* allergies (to insects, for instance), Past injuries (including concussions, sprains, or fractured bones)

* if you’ve been dizzy, passed out or had chest pain or experienced breathing difficulties during exercises

 * any medication you’re taking (including prescription medications, over-the-counter supplements, as well as prescription medications) The boys are asked about their testicle discomfort, and females will have to answer questions about period.

 A doctor will also inquire about smoking, vaping, alcohol, diet pills, or supplements that boost performance, such as steroids.

Be honest in answering the questions. Don’t try to guess the answer or offer the information that you think you know what your doctor would like to hear.

In the physical examination, the doctor typically keep track of your weight and height * assess your pulse and blood pressure (heartbeat and rate )

* check your eyesight

* examine your lung and heart

* check the bones, muscles, joints, and bones

The visit can also be a chance to inquire regarding how you are doing with your health, diet, and taking part in sports. You should consider a few items as a parent before undergoing a sports physical.

These include what to bring with you to the appointment, what to expect during the medical history questions, and how long it will take.

If you are unsure of anything, you can always ask the doctor any questions in your mind.

 This blog will focus on every vital aspect of sports physicals. Stay tuned!

What to bring with you to a sports physical in Marietta

If you’re getting ready to play a sport, you’ll want to make sure you know what to bring with you to sports physical.

In addition to having your current health information on hand, you’ll need to provide your physician with certain health information relevant to the sport you’re playing.

This includes any medications you’re taking and any existing medical conditions. Also, you’ll need to bring a copy of your immunization records and the name of your primary care provider.

The time frame for a sports physical in Marietta.

A sports physical will determine if you’re healthy enough to participate in particular sports and help identify potential health issues.

In addition, it’ll let you know if you should take additional precautions before you start working out or playing a specific sport.

Knowing what to expect from your appointment can help you find the right practitioner and prepare for it accordingly.


What can be the potential outcomes of a physical?

After the exam, your doctor could inform the parent that their child has been cleared to play sports without restrictions.

* Cleared for specific sports or activities. It is also cleared to play under some rules or conditions. Participation is permitted following a second assessment or therapy (such as physical therapy to treat an injury).

* Not able to participate in sports due to health issues or the possibility of illness or injury is too high.

Sports Physicals at Sun Pediatrics

Sun Pediatrics  is a chain of primary care Centre that offer convenient appointments seven days a week at reduced prices.

They provide physical exams, screenings, and other health services for less than the cost of urgent care or emergency room visits.

Our services include sports physicals, TB tests, flu shots, pink eye, ear infections, and more. They also offer telehealth consultations and appointments .

A sports physical can be an essential part of your preparation for participation in sports and can uncover any health concerns.

Before you schedule an appointment, you must understand the process and select the right practitioner for your specific needs.


In general, physicals for sports are required for kids or teens who wish to play organized sports. In the examination, the doctor will look at your health background and conduct an initial physical exam.

They’ll also stamp the required medical forms and give you an overview of the examination. You can visit Sun Pediatrics and schedule an appointment or call ahead and schedule an appointment.

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