What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Delivery Time

Sure, preparing for the birth of your kid makes you feel excited and nervous as well. In fact, you go through different emotions at this stage. But being prepared and organized will help you feel comfortable and relaxed in the days leading up to the birth of your baby.

But it is often overwhelming to decide what to pack in your hospital bag for delivery time. So what are the essentials required during labor and birth, and after childbirth?

Fret not. Here we have come up with this simple checklist for you and your newborn.

Comfortable Clothes:

The first and foremost requirement is to pack comfy clothes. Pack a nursing bra or tank in your bag to support breastfeeding. Also, you need loose pants like joggers or lightweight sleep pains.

Or a nursing-friendly pajama set or nightgown can work. If you look to labor in water, make sure to keep a dark-colored sports bra and a bathing suit top. When it comes to choosing footwear, you can keep slipper socks to feel cozy. Don’t forget to pack Crocs or flip-flops.

Last but not least, keep a robe.


Pack your hairbrush, dry shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, and face wipes.

Birth Plan:

Bring a few copies of your birth plan.

A Long Cell Phone Charging Cable:

As hospital beds are far away from an electrical outlet, you need an extra-long cell phone charging cord for your phone.

Pillows and a Bath Towel:

Generally, hospital towels are small, thin, and scratched. Therefore, you can bring a towel from home. Also, bring a pillow.

Diapers and Other Postpartum Products:

While the hospital can provide you with pads and mesh underwear, you can bring your own adult diapers to feel more comfortable and secure.

Snack and Drinks:

Snacks and liquids during both the birth and the recovery period. Most women can eat and drink throughout labor, which can help them stay energized.

Although the hospital will have food and beverages available, you might want to bring a few things you know you’ll enjoy. Pick snacks that are high in carbohydrates for slow-release energy to keep you going.

Good alternatives include fruit, unsalted almonds, chips, muesli bars, honey sandwiches or straws, and popcorn. To keep your lips fresh, you could also want some mints or boiled sweets. And don’t forget to bring some isotonic sports drinks like coconut water, which are excellent for boosting your energy when you need it most.

Birth Ball:

This can assist you in locating various postures throughout labor and possibly even help you cope with the discomfort of contractions. Verify the hospital has the appropriate size for you. Take your own if not. Bring a pump with you so your birth partner may fill it for you.

Know What to Pack for Your Baby

  • Clothes to facilitate changing, plus cozy socks, boots, and a beanie and cardigan if it is cool. 
  • Bring your disposable diapers and baby wipes if you intend to use them, as some hospitals don’t provide them.
  • Muslins are good for swaddling babies and keeping you and them clean while they eat.
  • Infant lotion to massage your baby to strengthen your bond.
  • A baby blanket to wrap your infant in throughout the flight home. If it’s cold outside, make it cozier

Wrapping Up:

So these are essential things you should pack in your maternity hospital bag. Although there might be more things to put in your bag, getting started with the abovementioned checklist is important.

Plus, you won’t feel overwhelmed with what to pack or what to leave.

What do you think? Let us know by commenting below!

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